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One in Eight
Infertility is defined as a woman under 35 not being able to conceive in a twelve month period or six months if you are over 35. One in eight women in the United States struggles with infertility. Despite it being a relatively common problem, it is not a topic that is openly discussed. There is a social stigma and shame attached to infertility. "One in Eight" features work by Jen Burdess and Anne Hallam. The work explores the topic of infertility and identity. The work created acts both as a coping mechanism and a starting point for a larger conversation. Only after breaking their silence, did both Anne and Jen find that many they knew were affected by infertility.

Being diagnosed as infertile carries a heavy emotional toll. A recent study found that that the impact of infertility carries the same emotional toll of clinical depression. There are many causes of infertility. Once the diagnosis is made, it is easy to question your identity as a woman. Cultural and societal paradigms tell us the word woman and mother are almost interchangeable. So what does it mean to be an infertile woman, what does that do to your identity? "One in Eight" explores these themes and gives the audience a candid look into the struggle both artists face and the lengths they go to reconcile their diagnoses. Hallam and Burdess hope that by sharing their personal stories, others will find the strength to join the conversation.